Time of living broadcast of video of Xinjiang of Vs of wide mansion of the contest after Cba season + address Cctv5 direct seeding watchs the entrance

Beijing time is late on March 28, 8 strong competition are surpassed after CBA season the 2nd bout, xinjiang team continues assume personal command advocate meet wide mansion team head-on. Head bout argue Xinjiang makes wide a tall building with huge advantage condole of 34 minutes, abudousha pulls wood to show color to take 33 minutes of next 8 bank, team of second battle Xinjiang pursues and attack exploit a victory, strive for the advantage that takes next total score 2-0 to precede. Watch battle guideline: Be opposite a both sides: Time of be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight of group of wide mansion of Xinjiang team VS: On March 28 19 when place of 35 minutes of matches: Urumqi red hill sports center television relay: Sports of CCTV5+ , Xinjiang, Zhejiang is little direct seeding address: Http://cbs.sports.cctv.com/match.html? History of Id=4412666 fight hand to hand: The fight hand to

hand on two teams history 33, xinjiang team is obtained 25 get the better of 8 negative. This sports season is bilateral already engage in a battle 3, xinjiang team wins victory entirely. Predicting bo重庆夜网论坛th sides sends first: Xinjiang: Fei Erde, Ke Lanbai gram, Abudousha helps wood, Yu Changdong,

Fan Ziming wide a tall building: Hao of Ford dark, Lin Zhijie, Su Reyu, Zhao Yan, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad original fall title: Living broadcast of video of Xinjiang of VS of wide mansion of the contest after CBA season added edition of responsibility of address of CCTV5 direct seeding on March 28: Li Xiaoling

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