New Zealand one airliner because ” cheat is played ” be cancelled a man is arrested

Spirit of benefit of Xinhua News Agency pauses on January 10 report (Lu Huaiqian of reporter Guo Lei) one scheduled flight of New Zealand airline plays ” 9 days

to be cancelled because of “ cheat late. New Zealand police releases a message 10 days to say in the morning, because a man is suspected of dispersed on civil airliner threatening letter ceases and will be being sued. This airliner decides 9 days of evening to fly to Australian Sydney from New Zealand Oakland formerly. According to coverage of New Zealand media, the takeoff time of the airliner is in the evening 7 whe东莞夜生活论坛n 40 minutes, but there is a passenger to claim before take off there is bomb on machine, pilot reports the circumstance instantly airport control tower. The plane stopped on track 1 m

any hour, a young man was arrested after the police boards the plane,武汉夜生活论坛 he claimed to carry bomb. However, he Yi holds the po武汉夜品茶网st of without discovery after police and platoon of explosion proof dog are checked constant. Spokesman of New Zealand airline expresses, although did not discover doubtful article, but airline sti东莞夜品茶网ll decides to cancel西安夜网论坛 this scheduled flight. Original title: New Zealand one airliner because ” cheat is played ” be cancelled

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