NASA将测试小止星防备体系 10月12日将取天球“擦肩而过”

Beijing of daily of science and technology on August 3 report (reporter Zhang Meng like that) according to good country 2 days of activity weigh aerospace net, small stop the star will take celestial sphere to “ brushs a shoulder and cross ” on October 12 at the current year, good country country aerospace bureau (NASA) already held water before this stop the star guards against harmonic office, show resolution to be in that small stop when the star s武汉夜品茶网tands by celestial sphere, check its to prepare already of of short duration small stop the star guards against system. In Feburary 2013, all the way round-the-world the Russia meteorite work that focus forms on 1000 people to get hurt, and space navigation orgnaization of the whole world actually battle is common 西安夜品茶网popularly close fe

w is same, all by process Internet comprehends this matter. Thereafter, include NASA is trying hard to be able to be comprised to celestial sphere at search and foretelling all along in the space navigation orgnaization inside those who coerce is small stop astral doubt ceases. NASA stops the star guards against harmonic office just is to be look for, escape footprint conceal harm is little stop star and build, aim is flagging in mark of triumphal label souvenir and cipher out is smal佛山夜品茶网l stop the star harms coefficient, if why the celestial bodies that coerce will turn unluckily,at the same time dispute goes, or add those who do not sink to check to lose. At the moment, NASA resolution is in a foregone 2012 TC4 is small stop the test on the star guards against that set system. 2012武汉夜网论坛 TC4 is small stop star 2012 the first time by the invention, estimation the current year is far on October 12 removed brush celestial sphere, but can not take celestial sphere in touch attack. This a

re small stop astral meandering is between rice of 10 meters of —30, at the appointed time removed celestial sphere makes an appointment with 6800 kilometre than coming. NASA is exaggerated, 2012 TC4 is one is checked stop the star guards against ” of collection “ perfect guiding principle, as a result of admittedly foregone it can not affect celestial sphere, but borrow at the moment did not know its are cut when the way, it is to be cut doubly next truly the course that day dispute gives it is told. Home of science and education of NASA end banquet is alluded, include the test at the appointed time the Qi Qiu that ten observatory, the eve of the lunar New Year instructs Qi Qiu group of battle attempt room is small stop the star detects battle dogs collect. subsequently a few months, will use lens of the eve of the lunar New Year a thousand li to stop to explore, its cut plan truly way, make whole system stands the probation of true battle, cooperate to comprehend human now to stop the star guards against the windward warfare range of ability. Additional, NASA borrows grinding those who receive difference craft to coerce celestial sphere in order to answer exact meeting is small stop star. For example, arrangement is other object of amount of amount of a the eve of the lunar New Year goes imposing delay or alter small stop astral movement rate or locomotive contrail, and even arriving in worst environment temporarily, protocol deals with at authorities approximately of hurricane or quake should slow echo method. The subject looks: NASA general test is little stop the star guards against system

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