The 74th chapter head on and the red that come is heard

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 3240 words, update at: 2020-03-21 16:06

Blood of in a huff return a room, thinking that woman to say she is the baby-sitter gas with respect to skinful, deep breathing, blood lie silently on the bed to close eye dark to think of a few minutes, open next open one’s eyes rise arrange the garment. Although oneself clear away everything good clumsily,look at, laugh approvingly, take off the dress to prepare to bathe to sleep next; Sit in bath crock, blood the issue that wanting to will want to do tomorrow, go helping a child build new home with actor rice, make game together with them next, next, next, come back namely next again in this costly home, to that cold line lives together.

“Ah… ” blood a little angry platoon removed spray, “It is me the first day when occupy comes today, the lover that lets oneself actually also the occupy of high-sounding comes, some are too beyond the mark, is his big president also afraid of be patted? These things that do recently who is staring at those reporters he comes make an issue of, he is mad, if it were not for he is intended, right, it is intended. Blood cold hum, “How did oneself forget he marries his purpose? ” blood vexed dabbing oneself forehead says: “Blood ah, blood, not be he has a problem however yourself has a problem, still be really eventful autumn ah! ” blood shake shake one’s head ask oneself[……]


001 brothers, admire you!

” you accompany tower of my wild goose to get wet in the rain I accompany you to watch snow ” Xiamuxi / , this chapter in all 1980 words, update at: 2020-03-26 00:00

Gave subway of Beijing University street to stand, the air warmth of Xi’an is wet, it is the reason that yesterday evening left rainstorm probably, the high temperature of 38 already was replaced by coolish wind, the water mark on the road is seen dimly.

I stand in the crossroad of subway mouth, do not know to go toward wh which direction actually, when coming here for the first time like me the sort of confused, I got lost, I am a way that does not part thing north and south originally crazy. Put the hope that is placed at navigation of mobile phone Baidu to also close automatically in the mobile phone disappeared below the Hei Bing of machine.

Very funny really, this I had come hundreds of, thousands of place, let me be at a loss actually.

Have been to a lot of places, did not have been to alone only on the west all the way, more the existence that had not heard this logic. It is conceal probably in Beijing University street of which cold and cheerless street, cause the attention of passerby rarely.

Because took the car of one night, the hungry feeling of abdomen is lighted afresh again after disappearing momently, I was forced to go first we often go to that summer the KFC of loiter air conditio[……]