Attitude of the 2nd chapter is a bit different

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T city, this is located in M country the city with southern the rapiddest development, collecting the investment business with very much each country here, the short time development that also allows T city to be in a few years is rapid, turn M country into bibcock of one old economy nowadays, not allow small gaze…

Lin Zhai

Lin Zhai is located in T town’s most bustling region

Blood look at the flourishing building before, a agonized laugh has climbed corners of the mouth; 5 years old are in when he have memory when by aunty mandatory to nursery school, work to him middle school all the time at one’s own expenses oneself read; Although the uncle can give tuition, can be blood those who know him identity is different, aux would rather oneself work hard so also having wantinging money one minute to the uncle without the mouth, all the time oneself go to an university at one’s own expenses… be like a bit warmth to be done not have as to this home…

5 meters French window restoring ancient ways, mirror inside costly and sweet smell; Can see even inside ivory there is golden color on sofa slow cushion… the ineffable sense that feels this is the home, be still oneself the feeling of too rare home? Blood shake shake one’s head, a forced smile in the heart, s[……]