The 6th chapter comes home

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1214 words, update at: 2020-03-07 15:52

Of a black run quickly the doorway that stops in Home Lin, car back door is opened, blood go from inside, face about both hands is helped up extend the arm that come. “Uncle, slow dot ” , blood helping Lin Tianci up to go from the car.

Piece Mom is worn via waiting in the doorway already, “Lord, the young lady came back. The young lady came back..

“Piece Mom, go preparing to nod ginseng congee, the uncle’s body is very frail still, make him much fill filling body. ” blood of light tone bading.

“Yes, ” piece Mom, as blood back follow-up goes.

Step into antique sitting room, a sweet atmosphere instant surrounded him,

… blood overtax his nerves secretly.

Helping Lin Tianci up to move toward the room of 2 buildings, everything here is so familiar, the landscape painting still is in the name of corridor, the uncle’s room still is the 2nd. Piece Mom pushs the door and blood helping Lin Tianci up to walk into a room.

Piece Mom helped Lin Tianci take off the dress, blood helping Lin Tianci up to lay down.

“Uncle, you rest a little while, after waiting for piece of Mom to had boiled congee had boiled congee, I had been drunk in end? ” blood sound gentleness still is so considerate sensibl[……]